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We are one of the top most education centre providing online French coaching across the globe. We have always been in front end for helping students to reach pinnacle in a short spam of time. We take you through a journey from being an absolute novice to being an expert at proficient French communication . The methodologies adopted by our highly skilled mentors to teach all the four modules of French test effectively has proven to be really impactful in enhancing the approach of listening , reading , writing and speaking skills that are tested in this exam . At Frenchwithnavdeep , our B2 and C1 qualified expert trainers and administrators are committed to provide students with the best quality learning experience within an absolutely matchless online classroom environment .

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Online classroom

Interactive online learning classroom tutored by highly experienced faculty to build your communication skills.

Personal Mentor Support

We are always there to guide you . you can communicate with us through email , instagram , whatsapp or chat . simply ask your questions , or enjoy the fun of a conversation class .

Small Batch

Small batch sizes to ensure learning with clarity and personal attention which enables you to satisfy all your academic needs for any level of course .

Daily practice

Our online course contains hundreds of multimedia activities and exercises , so that you can practice what you have learned and measure your progress.


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RS 9999 /3 MONTHS

  • Online live classes
  • 3 months course
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions
  • introductory course covers :
  • Reading , Writing , Speaking , Listening , Basic grammer and Exam preparation

Delf A2

RS 14,999 /3 Month

  • Online Live Classes
  • 3 months course
  • Knowledge about french language and culture
  • Regular & personalised feedback from the trainer about your performance .

Delf B1

RS 18,999 /3 Month

  • french language advanced course
  • 1 Hour live online class
  • Weekly test series
  • Regular & personalised feedback from the trainer about your performance .

Our Teacher

Know your teacher

Hi, I’m Navdeep I’m a French language instructor from India. I’ve been teaching French professionally online for over 3 years. I am certified DELF level B2 in French (currently pursuing C1). I have gained considerable experience and skills in language teaching. Further, my experience working as I language trainer across the globe and living helped me expand my knowledge, hone my skills, competencies and pedagogy in French language. I train learners who wish to learn French as a hobby or for professional reasons and exams for DELF, DALF and TEF/ TCF. I’m quite passionate about teaching French. I am aware of the challenges that non- native French learners generally come across during their process of learning. Being very organised in my work, I understand what’s really needed and how to explain it. That is what makes my meticulously- planned lessons and course content so special and suitable for students of all levels and age groups to find it understandable. I help you gain an essence of not only the French language, but also the culture while being in the absolute comfort of your home. I always work hard to make your journey of French learning smooth but at the same time, I prefer to be organised and detailed, because ultimately, learning a foreign language is meant to open up your world!


Navdeep kaur

Language Expert

Happy Student

What People Say About Us

Classes with (FRENCH WITH NAVDEEP ) have been so worthwhile! NAVDEEP has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun.

Simran kaur

Delf A2

Navdeep is an excellent teacher! She provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities which will help you learn French faster . As a student, you feel pushed to learn . Thank you providing such a great learning experience .

Varsheerat Sandhu

Delf B1

I have learned so much in my classes with (NAVDEEP). She paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. So many other classes you just read from a text book but in Her classes she asks questions and gets the students to respond which is both fun and promotes faster learning. She is patient and eager to help. I’m thrilled to have found her class!

Tanishka Kapoor

Delf A1

Her manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing!! She’s patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate her students. She’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills.

Ekam Grewal

Delf A1



Make & interact with new French friends!
– Travel the francophone world with ease!
– Know & try the world-famous French cuisine!
– Explore French cinema, music, culture!
– Qualify the DELF/ DALF/ TEF/ TCF exams.

– Get better study and work opportunities in francophone countries like France, Canada, etc!

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