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DELF B1 level french course

At  delf b1 level , exams recognizes that a candidate should be independent. The candidate can maintain interaction and maintain a discussion and give his or her opinion.  B1 level people are able to express themselves in familiar daily situations and to deal in a general way with non-routine information that isn’t too demanding. This person can function day-to-day quite well, but would not be able to cope with academic situations or detailed writing.


There are comprehension questions, relating to three recordings, which are played twice for exam candidates. The maximum length of a recording is six minutes, and the overall time for this section is around 25 minutes


There are comprehension questions, relating to two written documents. The candidate will encounter the following:

  • Need to extract useful information concerning a particular task
  • Need to analyze the contents of a document of general interest.

This part lasts for about 35 minutes.


A candidate will need to express personal opinions on a general topic. Writing is evaluated on the following:

  • answer the question asked and wrote the required length of words (about 180 words)
  • able to describe facts and events accurately
  • able to express your ideas, your feelings and your response to a topic in a clear manner
  • ideas and the structure of your writing is logical

Elements such as vocabulary range, grammatical accuracy and spelling are assessed as well. This part of the B1 DELF exam lasts for about 45 minutes.


There are three parts in this section of the exam:

  • A guided conversation
  • An interactive exercise
  • An expression of opinion on a document

The speaking section of the DELF B1 exam lasts for around 15 minutes with 10 minutes to prepare your responses. A DELF examiner will guide the speaking section.

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