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Ultimate Advantages Of French Language In Canada

Ultimate advantages of French language in Canada
Ultimate advantages of French language in Canada

Ultimate Advantages Of French Language In Canada :Canada offers many opportunities for skilled immigrants who are proficient in both English and French. Learning French will open the numerous doors of opportunities in Canada. You might find yourself with more career options and ultimate advantages in Canada after learning a French language. Having a French language knowledge leads to better communication as well as better overall adjustment in Canada. Being bilingual can also boost your chances of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry.

The French Language gives additional points for PR in Canada

By knowing the French Language help Get Canada PR Visa and candidate can secure extra brownie points in his/her visa application.

Get 62 CRS points for express entry with French language skill .

Employment opportunities:

One of the various benefits of bilingualism is that it will increase your employment opportunities. Canada has many jobs that are exclusively available to those who are proficient in both English and French.

If you are bilingual, you can also choose between jobs that are available only in English or only in French. With the help of French language you can get a white-collar jobs as well .

Here is more information about finding work in Canada if you speak French:

A study published in 2014 by Canadian Parents for French showed that 81 percent of supervisors considered bilingual employees an asset to the organization.

Multinational companies often seek employees who are fluent in more than one language and prioritize candidates who demonstrate such proficiency. You will have greater mobility within companies that have branches across Canada (and around the world).

You will be able to broaden your job search to any province, giving yourself a better chance to more quickly find a satisfactory position.

Since the year 2000, the federal public service (which values bilingualism) has had to recruit between 12,000 and 15,000 employees to replace retiring public servants.

In Canada, employees who speak both French and English are eligible for a bilingualism bonus, which is an $800 stipend from the government.

Educational opportunities: 

Some of the excellent Canadian academic institutions are the French language-based. knowledge of the French language improves your possibilities of obtaining admission into Canadian universities to provide education in French.

Knowledge of the French language is useful once international students need to become permanent residents of Canada. It adds value to their file.

 Higher Salaries :

Canada has some of the best salaries in the world. But do you know how you can boost your income even more?

Easy, by learning French.

In Canada, employees who speak both French and English are eligible for a bilingual bonus which is an annual $800 stipend paid by the government. Moreover , French speakers earn 10% extra in Canada .

French with Navdeep
French with Navdeep

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